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The Hereafter is a dual mode ambient voiced digital delay and chorus, featuring a high-quality, analogue dry-path circuitry with a mixer circuit and a buffered bypass with trails.


LEFT STOMPSWITCH : Selects between Mode 1/2

Mode 1 covers reverb-like slap-back to modulated ambient delays. Higher time settings yield a vinyl-like character and at high levels, repeats cascade into self-destructing oscillation.

Mode 2 introduces a shorter delay line and an LFO circuit, with full control over the waveform shape and speed, allowing a range of sounds from a subtle doubling effect, lush chorus, to pulsing, seasick modulation.



MIX - Adjusts the blend of dry (analog) and wet (digital) signals.

TIME - Adjusts the Delay mode length from 20ms to 760ms.

REPEATS - Adjusts the amount of Delay repeats from slapback to ambient bliss.

SHAPE - Adjusts the LFO waveform in Mode 2

PULSE - Adjusts the speed of the waveform cycles in Mode 2

DEPTH - Adjusts the modulation depth in Mode 2


Buffered bypass with Delay trails.

Requires power via 2.1mm centre negative jackNo battery option

DIMENSIONS : 120mm x 94mm

Current Draw : 35mA


Anarchy Audio - Hereafter

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