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The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean – a world that has yet to be explored and of which we know little about – less than we know about outer space. The Mariana crams 7 ‘out of this world’ modulated reverbs into one compact pedal offering amazing value for money and endless potential.

With three independent controls affecting each of the seven presets, there is literally no end to the possibilities. An amazingly versatile tool to create sonic soundscapes the like of which you have only dreamed of.


  • The Abyss
    A deep cavernous reverb with a long decay and a subtle, slow modulation for epic soundscapes.

  • Hot Springs
    Spring reverb with hidden depths and a long decay.

  • The Bends
    Dark, haunting phase and vibrato effects especially when running into delay - sonic landscapes as dark as the sea at 10,000 fathoms!

  • Propeller
    A versatile organic sounding tremolo reverb that takes you from lightly pulsating to deeply throbbing tones.

  • The Deep
    A lush flanger and reverb combination for ambient swells and shimmering chords.

  • Mermaids
    Haunting and dissonant modulation designed to replicate the song of the mermaid: If you’re looking for something unique, unusual and striking, this is the sound for you!

  • The Kraken
    Drown in a pitch-shifting reverb with endless possibilities. The Kraken is hard to tame, but when dialled in it delivers endless joy.

Caline - CP507 Mariana Modulated Reverb

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