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Demonstration Video 1 

Demonstration Video 2

Note: these videos show not the product on offer, but the upgraded model. The difference is a switch providing reverse and half speed playback.


Record and compose multiple guitar parts looping over and over, all at the tap of a footswitch. The pedal features up to 10 minutes' recording and unlimited overdubbing. Undo, redo and delete functions are also built in. This little box of tricks doesn't stop there with a USB jack for uploading audio files to use in your looping.


Rowin's breakthrough Nano Series features the best in miniaturisation technology without the slightest loss of sound fidelity. Fit more pedals on your pedal board.



Working Current:96mA

on/off LED indicate effect or bybass

LEVEL Knob adjust the the play output volume

INPUT Jack:1/4” mono audio jack,for connecting Guitar

OUTPUT Jack1/4” mono audio jack,outputs the signal

DC In power Jack DC 9V (negative in the center)


Rowin - LN332 Looper

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